We believe that data helps machines be optimised. Machines have generated data for many years, Litmus has a long history of working in the energy sector loading SCADA data from large generation plants, combining this with highly complex market and consumer usage data to give energy companies strong forward decisioning insight.

The capability of machines to produce data is growing exponentially as Industry 4.0 sweeps into the manufacturing and processing industries. To enable a full end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution for our customers Litmus and LMAC have combined their skills to provide New Zealand SME’s with world leading Industry 4.0 solutions. As a result, the expertise Litmus brings has been applied to the optimisation of robotics production lines through to process engineering improvements in the food manufacturing sector – this is where data, AI, and machines meet!

Powering up the Litmus Data Ecosystem

The whole point of data driven insights is to use these smarts to implement powerful initiatives that make a difference. To achieve this Litmus has developed the Litmus Data Ecosystem:

Powering up the Litmus Data Ecosystem

This is a power cycle of learning, deploying, and measuring: Data is used to learn. Insights are used to deploy interventions. Measurement is completed to understand the impact of each intervention.

“Litmus Infotech are established experts in using data and Artificial Intelligence, this partnership prepares us for the digital revolution, offering clients leading-edge solutions to enable Manufacturing and Processing efficiency.”

Nigel Reaney, Founder, LMAC Consulting Limited

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