We believe that data allows consumers’ needs to be respected. We work with organisations who share this vision and make each and every customer contact the right one for that specific customer. Respecting customer’s time and attention means that each interaction is valued, thereby increasing transparency and building customer partnerships that drive real customer loyalty for your organisation.

Litmus has worked with many organisations to hone customer loyalty across a wide range of initiatives. This is using data to empower customer onboarding programmes (including touchy credit risk processes), taking sensitive approaches to pricing changes in highly competitive markets, creating and communicating offers that are genuinely relevant to the customer, implementing retention programs that are driven from individual customer behaviours.

Powering up the Litmus Data Ecosystem

The whole point of data driven insights is to use these smarts to implement powerful initiatives that make a difference. To achieve this Litmus has developed the Litmus Data Ecosystem:

Powering up the Litmus Data Ecosystem

This is a power cycle of learning, deploying, and measuring: Data is used to learn. Insights are used to deploy interventions. Measurement is completed to understand the impact of each intervention.

“The ability to ‘do right’ by our customers is central to our Meridian values. The work completed by Litmus allowed us to truly understand our customers and use this knowledge to deploy customer centric touchpoints that differentiated the Meridian offering in an increasingly competitive market.”

Gareth Owen, Head of Marketing, Meridian Energy Limited

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